Updates, New Blog Site and Happy 2014!

Well ladies,

If you've noticed, I haven't posted in a while. Now I haven't forgotten about you, I've actually been working on the same blog only at http://DISCOairglow.com, posts and all. There's been many updates and other goodies, so get your sexy faces over there and tell me what you think. I've also started making more YouTube videos, which you can see on the blog or over on my channel: http://youtube.com/discoairglow.

I've made New Years goals, had Christmas Countdowns and even have a new schedule for 2014, all of which you can check out on the newer blog site.

So what do you say? Come be my friend and tell me what you more of in the new year.

See you soon!

- M


Details of a Lazy Saturday Morning

Fluffy white cloudy comforter, sun peaking through the wooden blinds, Coffee in hand and MacBook and I just waking up from our slumber. Perfection. 


5 Fall/Winter 2013 Beauty Trend Musts

1. Glitter eyes -  Proceed with caution. The glittery eye may look striking, but do your homework on the safest glitter to use on your eyes. Use cosmetic glitter, not the stuff you get a the craft stores!

2. Black Nails. Matte? Even better. Check out Katy's awesome nails here.

3. Dark Lips -  The classic red lip just got a little smutty. Loving this oxblood lip trend with a minimalistic clean face.

4. Regal Up -  Who says you can't wear crowns everyday? Okay, seriously though, this simple royal up-do will instantly polish up your look and glide you seamlessly from office to date night. Center part, tease, low bun and done. C'est chic.

5. Mod Cut Crease -  Live a little. Try this new spin on the cut crease by leaving the rest of your face "bare." Heads up,  you might get asked if it was on purpose. You, my dear, are ahead of the game. Embrace it.


What to Wear Instead of Yoga Pants

Most of us have done it. In fact, I'm completely guilty. It's part "convenience" and part "practicality," or at least that's what I tell myself when I reach for my Yoga pants. "I mean, who's going to see me, right?" Working from home for me means that I can go almost an entire day without seeing anyone... almost. It's a trap! Yoga pants are a trap.

Yoga pants for me are usually accompanied by no makeup and a ponytail and as comfy as they are to lounge around in, they usually leave me uninspired and less productive. Seriously, I don't even want to go do Yoga in them. Not to mention that almost part, which means I inevitable need to run out for something looking like I don't care about life. That's the worst part. So, when I'm feeling a little lazy I have some go-to looks that make me feel put together and make polishing up easier. Here are five pick-me-ups I visit to avoid the Yoga Pant route.

1. The Black Skinny Jean: These are my savior and I rarely reach for any other wash (color). They just look so good with everything that it's hard to mess it up. The Zara basics are my favorite.

2.  Red Lips: The thing with red lips is that no heavy eye makeup is required and you can get away with a tinted moisturizer. They also will quickly spruce up black jeans and a v-neck tee.

3. Mascara : If nothing else, woman, curl and coat those lashes once. It will make you look more awake while you're waiting for your Starbucks to kick in.

4. A Messy Ballerina Bun: This is my jimmy jam on rushed days because it's so simple. Hair tie, Tease bobby pins and you're DONE.Think A la Carrie Bradshaw. You can always do the Sock Bun, too.

5. The Maxi/Midi dress: Great paired with a jean or leather jacket on cooler days and you don't have to think about a shirt and pant combo.

These 5 go-to low effort tricks have saved me some awkward run ins with friends and, ehem.. others. Why is it that we always see people when we look our worst? Well friend, take a minute to pull yourself together and you won't have to dodge encounters or feel ashamed any longer.

But by all means, if you're actually going to Yoga class wear your Yoga pants. You've earned them and a burger... and a shameless plug to my friends new fitness and nutrition blog earntheburger.com. Go leave her some love and encouragement!


Update: Newness Day 15

Two weeks ago I wrote a post about Newness and challenged myself to be open to new things for the next 30 days, you can see it here. This is just a quick update on what I've been doing so far and have I completely fallen off the path of righteousness? 

Well, although I forget to drink 2 liters of water a day sometimes, which is something I've set out to do, I have found that I am less hesitant to try new things and overall feel that my attitude towards telling friends and family about my endeavors has done a 180. Believe it or not, I was always very timid and shy about my blogging unless I was speaking with strangers or new acquaintances. It's one of those things that I was always worried about what people would think or me or my blog but I have come to let all of that go. My newness is mainly focused on personal growth and committing more of myself to this blog. It has opened my mind to more possibilities and has given me back my "don't give a" attitude that I felt that I had lost. I have come across some great inspiration like Shameless Maya on YouTube and other people that have made me think "why the hell not?" If you haven't checked her out, she is fierce. 

This journey is far from over but I thought I would do a quick update. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, feel free to throw them my way in the comments below.

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